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Visuals are a big part of any VBS, especially videos. Feel free to use these exclusive clips to promote, encourage, recruit, and get your church pumped about VBS!
All Church Commercial
Get your church excited about Maker Fun Factory VBS with the Maker Fun Factory Promo Video
Gears Galore Moving Puzzle
Build your own Gears Galore Moving Puzzle! The possibilities are endless!
How Maker Fun Factory Works
Get an in-depth look at Maker Fun Factory VBS
Sound Wave Sing & Play
Short overview video of Sound Wave Sing & Play
Bible Discovery
Short overview video of Bible Discovery
KidVid Cinema™
Short overview video of KidVid Cinema™.
Imagination Station
Short overview video of Imagination Station.
Game Makers
Short overview video of Game Makers.
Snack Factory
Short overview video of Snack Factory.
Funshop Finale
Short overview video of Funshop Finale
Tinker Tots Preschool
Short overview video of Tinker Tots Preschool
Operation Kid-to-Kid
Short overview video of the Operation Kid-to-Kid mission project.
Imagination Station Day 1 Demo
Demo of the Day 1 Imagination Station G.U.T.S.Y. Bears.
Imagination Station Day 2 Demo
Demo of the Day 2 Imagination Station Connect-a-Gears.
Imagination Station Day 3 Demo
Demo of the Day 3 Imagination Station Whirly Gig.
Imagination Station Day 4 Demo
Demo of the Day 4 Imagination Station Gobot.
Imagination Station Day 5 Demo
Demo of the Day 5 Imagination Station Perplexinator.
Maker Fun Factory Photo-Op Display Assembly
A short video clip of how to build your Maker Fun Factory Photo-Op Display.
Recruiting Commercial
Encourage people to volunteer for VBS!
Perplexinator Kid Challenge
Watch this 8 yr old tackle the Perplexinator.
Maker Fun Factory Promo Video - Spanish
This video is perfect for promoting VBS in spanish-speaking regions!
How Passport to Peru Works
Get an in-depth look at how Passport to Peru works!
Volunteer Commercial
Get some volunteer momentum going at your church with this commercial.
Photo-op Display
A short video clip of how to build your Photo-op Display.
Llama Display Assembly
A short video clip of how to assemble your Llama display.
Recruiting Commercial
Use this recruiting commercial to drum up excitement for your Rome VBS.
Recruiting Commercial
Get people excited to volunteer for Camp Out VBS.