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promote, register participants and
volunteers, and organize your VBS.
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Vbs Pro Advantages
...It's like having your own virtual assistant.
Whether you're new to VBS or are a seasoned veteran, Group's VBS P.R.O. makes
planning and organizing your VBS a snap!
  • Direct traffic to your custom website and get your church excited about VBS.
  • Insert custom copy, images, links, HTML, and embeddable content.
  • Upgrade to VBS P.R.O. Plus and get access to three custom pages.
  • Register participants and volunteers on your custom website.
  • Customize your participant and volunteer registration forms.
  • Set grade level restrictions on your participant registration.
  • Upgrade to VBS P.R.O. Plus and take registrations for multiple VBS sessions.
  • Create Crews or Tribes for your participants.
  • Set grade level restrictions on your Crews or Tribes.
  • Upgrade to VBS P.R.O. Plus and get access to auto assigning participants to Crews or Tribes.
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Do I have to be a Group VBS Customer to use VBS P.R.O.? VBS P.R.O. and VBS P.R.O. Plus are specifically designed for Group's Easy VBS, Cross Culture VBS, and Holy Land Adventure VBS programs. Program specific features such as VBS registration, supply lists, custom website and promotional tools will only work with a Group VBS program.

If I sign up for the VBS P.R.O. free version, can I upgrade to P.R.O. Plus later? Yes! It is easy to upgrade to VBS P.R.O. Plus at any time if you need more advanced features.

Do I have to purchase the VBS P.R.O. Plus upgrade every year? Yes, since VBS P.R.O. Plus is a seasonal product, the upgrade must be purchased every VBS season.

Does VBS P.R.O. work with the Weekend VBS program? No, Group VBS P.R.O. is currently designed to only work with Group's Easy VBS, Cross Culture VBS, and Holy Land Adventure VBS programs.

If I used P.R.O. last year, can I access my account info to use again this year? With VBS P.R.O. Plus  ($29.99) you may access your previous year volunteer and parent information.
VBS P.R.O. works with these programs.
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