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Ministries come in all shapes and sizes. But they all have one thing in common: room to grow. Group Training at Your Church can take your ministry to the next level in a way that’s fun and easy.


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Group Training at Your Church

You won’t find training like this anywhere else. Training that’s engaging. Training that’s interactive and practical. That’s fun and refreshing. With Group Training at Your Church, you won’t just gain skills—you’ll gain the confidence you need to make your ministry more successful than ever.

Training Overview

Group Training at Your Church gives you and your team the chance to improve your skills and learn proven methods for successful ministry. There’s no better way to move your team to an advanced level of ministry skills. It’s fast, affordable, and easy. And it’s fun, too! Our enthusiastic team of pros will help you grow your ministry through a variety of relevant, practical topics.

Group has trained thousands of church leaders with proven methods that really work. We guarantee you’ll be even better at what you do best: making a difference. And you’ll have fun, too!

Customize your training experience to meet your needs!

We’ll send you a highly trained expert for 2 to 5 hours of interactive instruction…you customize everything else! Only with Group Training at Your Church does in-depth training becomes an affordable reality for any size church.

You pick the date

Find a time that works best for you and your team, you get to pick a date that works for your schedule.

You invite who you want

Invite your ministry team or even invite other churches in your region and use it as an opportunity to network or raise funds for your ministry.

You pick the location

Since this training is local, you’ll minimize travel costs for you and your team.

You choose the training topics

Your team will get what you need; you customize the sessions to meet the specific needs of your church.

Training Options

You can count on Group for the best training for every area of your church. We’ve got top-level sessions for children’s ministry, youth ministry, women’s ministry, and church leadership. And every minute of it is engaging, energizing, and effective.
Children's Ministry

You won’t find a more diverse and in-depth selection of training options for children’s ministry than Group Training at Your Church. From volunteer management and vision casting to nursery care and adolescent growth, you and your crew can become masters at a variety of topics.

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Youth Ministry

If you already know how great Group’s youth ministry training is (did someone say “Simply Youth Conference”?), then you can count on Group Training at Your Church to be just as great. Maybe even better, since you and your team will get personal, customized training at your place on your own time.

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Women's Ministry

Want to give your ministry a makeover? Want to reach younger women? How about learn how to host an unforgettable retreat or Bible study? Group has the country’s most advanced women’s ministry training for your entire team.

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Church Leadership

Being a great church leader isn’t easy. But if you’re willing to stretch yourself and embrace some game-changing methods and principles, you’ll find you, your team, and your ministry reaching remarkable levels of success. Check out what Group has in store for your future.

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Pricing Options

There are a variety of training and pricing options for you to choose from. Starting at 3 hours to up to a full day of training, you can pick the price and length of time to fit your ministry.

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When you do an In-Church Training with Group, there are a handful of things our team will need from you. Here's a list of what Group provides, and what we need from you...

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