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  • What browsers are supported?

    Good to Go has been optimized to work on the Internet browsers listed below. Lower versions of these browsers may still work, but there are some features that will not. Our recommendation is to upgrade your browser to the latest version (which is free to do) for the best results.

    Browsers supported:
    • IE 9 and above
    • Firefox 10 and above
    • Chrome 10 and above
    • Opera 11 and above
    • Safari 5 and above
  • What devices can my volunteers use to watch their assignments?
    Good to Go training videos can be watched on most smartphones and computers such as PCs, laptops, Macs, iphones, major Android phones, and tablet devices. Keep in mind that for best results a wireless or wired Internet connection is needed.
  • Do my volunteers need an internet connection to view videos?

    Yes, an Internet connection is required for viewing video assignments. For tablets and mobile devices, a wireless connection will give the best results (a cell phone data connection is not recommended). For PCs, laptops, and Macs, a wireless or wired connection will work well. Keep in mind that Internet speeds vary widely. We have compressed the videos to a size that should provide a good experience across a wide variety of Internet speeds.

  • My video isn’t an MP4, what now?

    You can take any video and make it an MP4 fairly easy. We recommend using FREE software found online. Simply go to one of the websites below, and download their free software to get started. For best results, use the h.264 codec when converting your video.

  • What in the world is a CSV file?

    CSV is short for Comma Separated Values. Simply put, a CSV file is a file type that is used to move data from one program to another. Without being too “techie” on you—in a CSV file, a comma is used to separate the different pieces of data you would normally see in a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel. If you have some type of spreadsheet program, like Microsoft Excel, on your computer—when you try to download our template, it will more than likely open your spreadsheet program which will make the information easy for you to see, arrange, and add/edit. When you’re done updating your template, just be sure to “save as” your file as a .csv file so that it will upload into Good to Go without problems. If you still have questions or problems—just drop us an email productsupport@group.com or give us a call 800.447.1070!

  • Why can’t my video be bigger than 200MB?

    That’s a great question! We set this limit primarily for your volunteers to have a good experience with viewing training on multiple devices, over different Internet speeds. Because Internet speeds vary widely, videos that are smaller in size will be faster to load for your volunteers.

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